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Insurance Comparisons
Bajaj Allianz
Bajaj Allianz House holders Package Policy
The house holders’ package policy is designed tornprovide its customers a complete home protection plan. The policy coversrnvarious risks and contingencies experienced by householders. Apart fromrnprotection for property, it provides protection for domestic and electronicrnappliances and interests of the Insured and his f...
Covers structure and contents of house, Coverrnagainst Fire and allied perils, Burglary & Theft, electronic appliances,rnprecious items such as jewelry, pedal cycles, plate glass, baggage insurancernand per...
Bharti AXA
Bharti AXA Smart Plan Home Insurance
Thisrncustomizable home insurance policy, allows you to choose the sum insured, orrnyou can opt for either of their over-the-counter products. The policy providesrnprotection for your home and more.
Covers structure in case of fire and naturalrncalamity, Covers household contents on loss due to fire or burglary, covers jewelryrnand other priced possessions, domestic appliances against Fire and an optionalr...
HDFC Ergo Home Insurance
The policy adequately safeguards your pricelessrnproperty and possessions. You can avail 15% discount for security features thatrnthe policy offers. The policy also has a low cost optional cover for burglaryrnthat includes theft and larceny.
Covers structure and contents of house, Coverrnagainst Fire and allied perils and an Optional cover for Burglary and Theft.
Householders’ Package
Householder’srnPackage Policy provides a comprehensive home insurance cover that is customizedrnto safeguard your home and priced possessions. It combines various covers andrnbenefits into one single package.  Thisrnpolicy gives you the flexibility to choose the amount of cover and what contentsrnneed to be covered. 
Covers structure and contents of house. Coversrnburglary and housebreaking, domestic electrical appliances, fired and alliedrnperils, baggage, personal accident, legal liabilities towards servants andrnthird pa...
ICICI Lombard Home Insurance
ICICI Lombard Homerninsurance offers a comprehensive cover for your home structure, home content orrnboth. The policy has 10 yrs coverage for structure, 5 yrs coverage for contentrnand 5 yrs of coverage for both structure and content.
Covers structure and contents of house, Coverrnagainst Fire and allied perils, Burglary & Theft and Optional cover forrnTerrorism and Additional expenses of rent for alternative accommodation.
Royal Sundaram
Royal Sundaram Home Insurance
RoyalrnSundaram offers two types of products, home shield and home content. HomernShield offers coverage against the structure of your home if damaged in case ofrnan unfortunate amount. Home content offers coverage against all household goodsrnif damaged or loss in case of any natural or man-made calamity.
Home Shield – Coversrnreconstruction cost, if your home is damaged in case of an unfortunate event,rndebris removal, costs for reconstruction.rnHome Content – Coversrnhousehold contents, household appliance...
SBI Long Term Home Insurance
The policy offers a comprehensive solution for the protection of your home against any unpleasant or unfortunate event. You can purchase this policy for up to 30 yrs.
Covers structure of house, if damaged due to arnnatural calamity or man-made calamities, it has an in-built coverage againstrnearthquake, optional cover against terrorism.
Tata AIG
Tata AIG Home Coupon
This is an on the spot home insurance policy, thatrnrequired very minimal documentation and is very easy to process.
Covers structure and contents of house, Coverrnagainst Fire and allied perils, Burglary & Theft, Terrorism and Earthquake.
Tata AIG
Tata AIG Home Secure Supreme
This policy offers flexibility to be customizedrnbased on the customers’ needs. You can not only choose from the cover optionsrnbut also choose the sum insured.  Itrnoffers new benefits such as temporary resettlement expenses, medical expensesrnand purchase protection.
Covers structure and contents of house, All risk coverrnagainst jewelry and valuables
Tata AIG
Tata AIG India Fire & Special Perils
This is a special insurance policy that providesrncoverage against fire and special perils
Covers buildings (RCC constructions) and your homerncontents.
Tata AIG
Tata AIG Instachoice Home Insurance
Instant Home insurance is a do-it-yourself policyrnthat offers the flexibility to decide your insurance cover instantly based onrnyour needs. The policy offers insurance on appliances as well as jewelry.
Covers structure and contents of house, covers burglaryrnfor jewelry, covers domestic appliances as old as 8 yrs.
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