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Thisrncustomizable home insurance policy, allows you to choose the sum insured, orrnyou can opt for either of their over-the-counter products. The policy providesrnprotection for your home and more.


Covers structure in case of fire and naturalrncalamity, Covers household contents on loss due to fire or burglary, covers jewelryrnand other priced possessions, domestic appliances against Fire and an optionalrncover for terrorism.

About Bharti AXA Smart Plan Home Insurance

A home is anyone’s pricedrnproperty and protecting this investment is crucial. With Bharti AXA SmartPlanrnHome Insurance you get coverage on your property and much more.


SmartPlan Householdersrncovers your property and more.



  • Buildings in case of fire and natural calamity
  • Home contents on loss due to fire and burglary
  • Jewellery and valuable on loss due to fire, burglary,rnwaylaying, snatching
  • Domestic appliances in respect of breakdown, fire andrnallied perils, burglary
  • Terrorism cover (optional)

rnYou can customize your plan by choosing the sum you wish to insure. or choose theirrnOver-the-counter plans.


Whatrndoes the policy cover?

  • Cover against fire and allied perils for - Building, fixtures & fitting, and renovation
  • Cover against fire, allied perils and burglary for
- Home contents, valuable, appliances and jewellery
- Newly purchased contents up to 10% of the sum insured
  • Cover against loss or damage of household goods inrntransit within India

rnWhat does the policy not include?

  • Loss or Damage to insured property caused by war or warrnlike operations 
  • Wilful act or negligence of the insured 
  • Cracking, scratching or breakage of lens in respect ofrnarticles of brittle and fragile nature