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Home InsuranceOwning a home is still considered a dream come true for most people living in India. Often, people invest a lot of time and money in creating a home, but what if, during some unfortunate event, this lovely home falls apart! A fire due to a gas leak, a burglary incident, a natural disaster could happen anytime without any prior warning and such incidences will make it highly difficult for anyone to safeguard their home. Therefore, it is important to invest in a good home insurance policy.

A home insurance policy is a plan that covers your home from possible damages caused by unfortunate accidents/incidents or natural disasters. A good insurance policy will secure your home and its contents in case of an untoward event. There are several companies in India that offer home insurance. The coverage and premium amount for each home insurance policy varies from company to company. Therefore it is important to make an informed purchase in order to get maximum coverage for your home for the money you pay. Comparing various insurance policies from different well-known companies will help you make an informed decision. At,, we make it easier for you to compare various home insurance policies – their coverage, premium amount, reviews and other policy details.

Home Insurance is mainly of two types:
Shield/Structure Insurance – This type of insurance covers the entire structure of your home – the actual walls of every room, the roof, the outer compound, garages, doors, windows and even fixtures and fittings. With this type of policy, the insurance company will pay you for reconstructing your home in case it gets destroyed in an unfortunate event such as fire, earth quake, floods, hurricane and other natural calamities. Each policy will always have a series of calamities listed in it.

Content Insurance - The contents of your home are as valuable as your home. A home content insurance covers all your precious jewelry, valuable electronics, household appliances and furniture. Having a good security system in place may protect your home from burglary but cannot protect it from fire accidents due to gas leakage or electric wiring breakdown or any natural calamities. With a home content insurance, you can safeguard all your valuables from any unfortunate event or accident.

Most companies offer insurance policies on either structure or content or both structure and content. The term of duration, term of coverage, payment and renewal procedures are some key factors to consider when buying a home insurance policy. You can do a comparison of the various home insurance policies listed on, to zero down on a policy at the earliest.